The Storm

[gallery link="file" columns="4"] Remember in the 80's when people used the phrase "TGIF" to describe literally every Friday? Well, this week is one that completely reinforces the meaning of the acronym. I decided in celebration of my week from hell coming to a close, I would express how my week has been and more importantly, how I would like it to end in a series of photos I am calling simply, "the storm".

Bestie B-day shout out

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I love these pictures because they feature one of my favorite people in the whole world. I am extremely lucky to have about 10 amazing "best friends" in my life, but today, on March 26, I want to celebrate one. This is a friendship that began on a middle school bus on the way home from a singing competition about 20 years ago. Since that fateful ride home together, we have seen each other through good times, hard times, loss, accomplishments, fear, relationships, rocky roads, incredible JOYs, and music. I can't wait to see what the next 20 hold. For Bethany on her birthday, with love...

Headshots: Jessica C.

Jessica C. is a freelance writer and one half of the team responsible for Have Baggage, Will Travel.  She is currently revamping her website and social networking profiles and asked if I could do some photos that show off the different sides of her personality. Jess is extremely intelligent, fun, quirky, and a real individual and I wanted to make sure that these traits came through in her pictures.

For the shoot, we first headed to Beverly to show off her quieter, academic side. Then we took advantage of the unseasonably sunny weather and headed to Rockport to highlight Jessica's adventurous and whimsical side. Then it was back to Beverly Farms in a very inspired floral jacket that really shows off her individuality.

I had a great time working with Jess. She really warmed up to the camera and I could feel her confidence come through more with each shot. Enjoy the whole gallery here!