Christmas 2014!

I know its a little late, but I wanted to share two of my favorite Christmas shoots from 2014! Both kids are beautiful and were so much fun- I happen to love both of these families personally, so it was even more fun to hang out with them. Enjoy :)

Sweet P.

Here is my shoot with Baby Sweet P. at 8 days old. She was very alert for a newbie, so I captured a few of her beautiful eyes before we finally got her to sleep. This was especially fun because I grew up with her Mama and had not seen her in several years. We had a great time catching up (and dressing up!) both the baby and her older sister, who let me take a few pics with her as well. Take a look below and you will see the camera loved them both! 

I've Just Seen a Face

Anyone who knows me or has even just read the bio on my website knows about my love affair with music. This love also runs in my family; my sister and my cousins specificially share the same passion and eclectic taste and its something that I feel has always bonded us. I feel like I live to a private soundtrack that plays in my head through everything that I experience and I think they probably do as well. Music is the perfect condiment to life; it has the ability to truly change the flavor, so to speak, of whatever it is we are going through. It lifts us up when we feel sad, calms us down when we need to just chill out, helps us through the sad times, and celebrates the good times. Every memory has a song and every song recalls a memory or a feeling of some kind. 

My cousin just had a baby girl and she is the first of all of us cousins to have a child so its pretty exciting and wonderful for the whole family. When I was visiting with her and meeting her daughter, Penny, for the first time, we were talking about her newfound motherhood and how quickly life and perspective changes with the birth of a child. She said that she even hears music and the meanings of songs differently, like "I've Just Seen a Face" for instance. We are all big Beatles fans so it is not surprising she would use one of their songs as an example, but how crazy that a song that she has been listening to for the last 30 years could just change for her, literally overnight. At the time, I thought that was pretty cool, but it wasn't until I got in my car to drive home and I put on the song that it really made me think. I listened to lyrics I know by heart and I, too, listened to them differently, from my cousins point of view. It made me hope that someday, I can know that feeling, too.

Naturally, because the other way I look at the world is through an imaginary camera lens, I've been inspired to do a portrait project. Each week, I am going to post a face of the week- either a full portrait or part of the face that I think is fun, special or spectacular in some way. My first "Face" is the face who inspired this whole project- my little cousin/niece, Penny! Also, have a listen to the song- refresh your memory. Who does it make YOU think of?