Kate Mullen

Art, in some form, has been a part of Kate's life as long as she can remember. Legend has it that Kate was singing before she even learned how to talk (just ask her parents!) She sang everywhere, all the time. In between soccer practice and school, she started voice lessons. She moved on to musical theatre, performing in community and school productions all through college.

After college, Kate started volunteering with City Year in public schools, tutoring and mentoring during the school day and running music and theatre programs after school. Not only did this further her passion for art, but it also fostered a love  for helping others and giving back to the community.

In her late 20's, Kate realized a passion for taking photos. She has always appreciated the art form, but on a trip to Seattle, with only a point and shoot in hand, something clicked (no pun intended) and she hasn't looked back. She bought her first DSLR and began teaching herself.  She started a blog and the more experience she got the more she realized this was a whole lot more than just a hobby. 

Besides music and photography, Kate loves reading and writing, cooking and traveling. She has been all over the US and in a handful of countries overseas. Kate's dream is to travel the whole world and share all the she sees through her photos. 

 Kate currently resides in the Boston area, but is more than happy to travel for her clients! Contact Kate HERE!